Where the wild live: A look at Hawaii's only private exotic animal sanctuary

Ann Goody
Ann Goody

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

KONA, Big Island (KHNL) - When pets here in the islands need help, we can count on the Hawaiian Humane Society to take them in. What happens to the exotic animals like zebras and tortoises already here in Hawaii? There is a special place that exists just for them on the Big Island.

From the outside, Hawaii's only exotic animal sanctuary on the Big island

looks like any residence, but inside, animals you normally see at the zoo; from zebras to flamingos call Ann and Norm Goody's backyard home.

Welcome to the "Three Ring Ranch"; the only private exotic animal sanctuary in the state.

"We take in all kinds of wild and exotic animals. The exotic stay with us their whole lives the native species rehabilitate and get returned to the wild," said Ann Goody.

Whether they stand on two legs or four, the Goody's have been helping all kinds of exotic animals in need for the past ten years

One of them is a tortoise named David.

"David came to us from the Maui Keiki Zoo," said Ann Goody. "He had fungal infections on his feet so he had to drag himself around on his ankles and we got him healthy and well."

There are 120 animals and caring for them is a full-time job; making sure they have enough to eat, and taking time to give each animal a little tender loving care.

"There's also a lot of satisfaction in not just caring for these animals but helping people through the animals," said Norm Goody.

"We just finished our summer program we had three kids living with us; two college students and vet students the entire summer. We opened up our home to them."

While sharing a home with wild animals isn't exactly everyone's dream, the Goody's , wouldn't have it any other way.

"We have to leave this place a better world than when we found it," said Ann Goody.

"Everyone needs good homes and good communities but who wants to live in a community with no animals?"