Hawaii company adds color to Olympics

Pua Rochlen
Pua Rochlen

By Howard Dashefsky bio | email

(KHNL) -- For the past 30 years,  the Rochlen family of Honolulu has made the world a little more colorful,  one shirt at a time.

Last Friday in Beijing, their "Jams World" creations added even more color to an already spectacular opening ceremony, thanks to one of the smallest teams competing in the summer games.

"We got a phone call from a great store in the U.S. Virgin Islands" said company President Pua Rochlen. "They said the olympic team, 12 of them, are heading out and they love your stuff. They love your colors, that it represents their islands ands their lifestyle down there, and we said whatever we can do".

So Rochlen looked through reams of of fabric to offer up a few ideas.

And everything fell into place.

"They chose the print, we fired it out to them, and they came back from commercial and came back on, and we got to see them for a whole 4 seconds. Everyone was proud" said Rochlen.

"My employees said did you see it? Everyone wanted to see it. We looked in up on the internet and we found a couple shots but it's our small part to be a part of the olympic games and were proud of that".

This isn't the first time "Jams World" has spread it's colorful style in an olympic stadium. American sprinter Carl Lewis donned one of the colorful shirts after capturing the color gold, in the L.A. Summer games.