Hawaii consumer costs on the rise

Dave Reese
Dave Reese
Dr. Pearl Imada Iboshi
Dr. Pearl Imada Iboshi
Ben Mathieu
Ben Mathieu

By Zahid Arab bio | email

HONOLULU-- (KHNL) A labor study released today says Honolulu consumers are paying some of the highest prices in the nation when it comes to the basics.

Whether it's food, fuel, or fun, Hawaii consumers are paying big and while we're cringing now, take comfort that there may be relief in sight.

Dave Reese loves his lettuce, he has an eye for the good ones.

"Just basically feeling it, seeing how it feels, color, texture-wise," said Shopper Dave Reese.

But increased prices for basically everything has people not as picky. Shoppers are seeking lower costs over quality.

"It seems like meats are fluctuating, your fishes are fluctuating a lot," said Reese.

State economists say with oil and transportation costs up, right now the outlook of the Hawaii economy definitely looks dim.

"Inflation is actually decelerating in our economy but with the first half with the very high oil prices that really helped push it up," said State economist Dr. Pearl Imada Iboshi.

If you've shopped anywhere recently, it's probably no surprise. Grocery prices are up about 6-percent. Apparel prices are about 3-percent more. And you guessed it, so is gas. Experts predict we're paying about 15-percent more, creating more black holes in everyone's wallet.

"We can't anticipate it's going to keep going up like this forever. I think a lot of us think it will go down eventually, it's just a matter of when," said Honolulu resident Ben Mathieu.

Checking out our current situation, experts say they're hopeful Hawaii's economy can overcome a struggling start to the year.

Despite our local economy's current downfalls, there is one bright spot.

In an effort to keep area hotel's thriving, officials say kama aina' rates are the best they've been in a while.