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August 13, 2008

Higher, Faster, Stronger

Recently I saw the tale of an aspiring golf professional who had dreams and aspirations of greatness. Then, his golf cart overturned, severely damaging his spinal cord and leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. now, for the past 33-years, he has given instructional golf seminars and hit balls from crazy angles with weird-looking clubs.  He has his capable dog, Benji Hogan, tee up balls for him and has amazed kids and adults for years with his actions and his anecdotes.  He has overcome fear, pain, anger, depression, prejudice, and resentment.  This is a tale of truly olympic proportions.

Basically, Dennis Walters reinvented himself.  Now 58-years old, Dennis, with amazing help and love from his father, has taken his 1974 life-altering tragedy and turned it upside down.  The show that Walters puts on is not really about golf.  It's about life.  It's about rebounding from a big curveball.  It's about persevering, attempting, and ultimately attaining a new goal.  He can hit a golf ball over 200-yards, sometimes blindfolded.  As his friend, former New York Yankees' pitcher Ralph Terry who was with him that fateful day said a few years back, "I think life isn't about what you achieve, it's about what you overcome". Wow, there's a new paradigm.

Ok, so with that in mind and with some concerns about life that all of us have, what have you overcome, or what do you plan to overcome?  Can you make a difference in the lives of people, maybe even here, locally?  Because, you see, with the right attitude after the wrong experience, greatness really can occur.  Think about it...

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