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Young voters excited about issues

Justin Marts Justin Marts
John Murao John Murao
Dawn Barsana Dawn Barsana

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Presidential candidate Barack Obama sneaks in a little R & R at Ala Moana Beach. This week-long visit to his birthplace creates a stir, but not with everybody.

"I don't really care about the candidates right now," said a 23-year-old Hawaii resident.

Motivating young adults to vote, has always been a challenge. But will this Hawaii-born candidate get them, to head to the polls?

"Definitely, I think I am," said Justin Marts.

Just last week, a local non-profit group launched the Web site, It's to increase voter participation among Hawaii's youth. But will it work?

"The Web Sites doesn't really bother me too much," said John Murao.

The young adults we talked to, who are excited to vote, say, it's all about the issues.

"The advertising and talking about stuff like the war, what they want to do, express their point on abortion, socialized health care, stuff like that," said Marts.

"Also now the environment has become a bigger topic, and I think that's a lot of concern for younger people," said Dawn Barsana.

They say it's not about celebrity status or a new online tool, but rather, how the next president will shape their futures.

"And I'm just excited to see what the change is, what both candidates are looking to bring in," said Marts.

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