Barack Obama puts game face on at Punahou

John Cheever
John Cheever
Austin Au
Austin Au

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

PUNAHOU (KHNL) - Late Tuesday morning, Senator Barack Obama stopped by Punahou School, his alma mater.

With his own basketball in hand, Senator Obama re-visited his old high school days. The Hawaii-born Punahou grad spent the morning shooting hoops with friends.

"I wanted to catch a glimpse of him and he actually walked into the crowd and shook everyone's hand. And I actually got a chance to kiss him local style on the cheek," said Candace Cheever, a Punahou teacher.

"My only regret is I didn't get a picture of him kissing my wife. If there's any man in the world who can kiss my wife, it's Barack Obama," said Candace's husband John Cheever, also a Punahou teacher.

Media were not allowed on campus as Obama faced off with some of his former basketball teammates. Obama's old team won the 1979 state championship, the year he graduated.

As police escorted Obama out after the game, fans lined up outside the campus gates, including a Punahou student who wears his loyalty on his ankle.

"It's an Obama band that I bought and I never took it off since a year ago," said Punahou 5th grader, Austin Au.

And while they didn't get a glimpse of Obama as he drove off, supporters say he scored big points just by coming back to his old campus to re-live his glory days.

Later in the afternoon, Obama picked up take-out at Kua'aina burger, then went to Ala Moana Beach Park for a picnic with his family.