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Viewers experience an 'Olympic Hangover'

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By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The summer games have turned television watching into nearly an Olympic sport itself.

Hours of action on a number of channels, test viewers stamina and speed on the remote.

But too much of a good thing has some suffering from a condition that pops up every four years.

It may not be just you, there are others taking things just a little slower during the day.

After all, it was a busy night of olympics watching.

"There's a lot to see," said one Olympics fan.

"There seems to be hours of coverage every day. I like that, it only happens every 4 years, so I am glad to watch it," added Paul Achitoff, of Honolulu.

All the sports and the thrill of competition keep many glued to their sets.

"Late in the evening there are several channels, so you start on one and check out the others," said Norman Sakamoto, another avid Olympics watcher.

Many watch even when they normally would be sleeping.

"You go from being almost asleep then you are up and yelling and screaming at the TV. I love that," said Anthony Hunt.

But staying up to cheer on the athletes can leave you tired and dragging the next day. Its like having an Olympic hangover.

Now we're not saying to turn off the TV, but there are some steps you can take to keep a spring in your step during the summer games.

The lack of pillow time can not only make you tired but also less able to concentrate at work or school. But Dr. Danilo Ablan with the Hawaii Medical Center West Sleeplab says there is a simple solution for an Olympic hangover -- sleep.

"A nap midday, about 30 minutes, should be perfect. Like after lunch, 30 minutes, I think that will bring back your body's natural rhythm."

Charging your batteries during the day, and keeping you energized during the long nights of Olympic watching.

"You can never get enough, you can never get enough," said one ardent fan.

Its also important to keep your body hydrated when you are tired but be careful with caffeine. It may give you a temporary boost but when it wears off, you may feel even more tired.

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