Justifiably Valuable (JV)

How could there be serious discussion about dropping junior varsity sports from public high schools?  I know, the DOE is experiencing financial difficulties, and everyone at every state level has been asked to cut back.  But come on, do we really want 13- and 14-year olds to be told their dream is dead?  Do we really want maturing, impressionable, not-fully-focused youths wandering around at 3:30 daily instead of actively participating in controlled and worthwhile school-sponsored activities?

Bad enough that we can't seem to provide enough books or pencils or air in some places, but now let's affect the very fabric and soul of a school campus; and for a lousy million bucks?  I know, that's a big number, but it's really not that big relative to the whole, unwieldy $2.3-billion system.  The savings would be four-hundredths of one percent.  Youmean there's not another, better way to scrounge a million bucks from a huge system that we have to look at eliminating sports or coaches?  Not a good sign to be sending to the very people we hope will someday become the model citizens of our island state, is it?

Come on adults.  Let's never have this discussion again. "JV" stands for junior varsity, but it also means justifiably valuable, judicious vocation, juicy venture, a just value, but certainly not junk variable. Think about it...