Vet clinics offer $5 microchip for pets

Dr. William Myadd
Dr. William Myadd
Janna Lee
Janna Lee
Chris Todd
Chris Todd

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Microchip Madness is in full effect this month as pet owners keep an invisible leash on their furry friends.

These cute little puppies were born to explore.

That's why their owners are choosing to get them microchipped.

"A lot of vets charge the regular price of $25 to $30 or $40, the Humane Society has a special," said Dr. William Myadd, a veterinarian.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is offering $5 microchipping through the month of August.

"We already finished like 100 pieces in two or three days so we are getting another shipment," said Dr. Myadd.

The size of a grain of rice the chip is injected just under the skin.

"She's really good," said pet owner Janna Lee. "She didn't even know that she had a little injection and no bleeding and no whimpering."

"She already had it and it was just a little scab that was starting to heal already which was about right about here on the dog and after that it goes away and you don't know it's there," said pet owner Chris Todd.

"I do know that if she's taken in to a clinic or something, she'll be microchipped and we'll get the phone call and she'll come home," said Lee.

Each microchip has a number which is registered at the Humane Society.

Microchip Madness is sponsored by the Hawaiian Humane Society and veterinary clinics serving the metro Honolulu area. The $5 offer continues through the end of the month.