Obama supporters unite for photo at Hanalei Bridge

HANALEI, Kauai (KHNL) - Barack Obama's supporters gathered at the Historic Hanalei Bridge on Kauai Sunday to show their support for the Democratic candidate.

More than 100 residents and tourists posed in front of the historic bridge for a photo.  It's part of the Bridges for Obama--Yes, We Span! Grassroots initiative.

The aim is to gather photos of Obama supporters from around the world.

"The bridge is an ideal symbol of his candidacy," said Meredith Wheeler, the American expiate who spear-headed the project from her home in France.  "Bridges unite two banks, spans chasms, gaps and troubled water-brings together opposing sides, as we hope Obama will do."

The Historic Hanalei Bridge photo was just one of 76 famous bridges photographed in 36 different countries on five continents.

Photo courtesy of CarolAnn Davis-Briant