Fatal attack in Beijing won't deter local family

Jon Stanley
Jon Stanley

By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With heavy hearts, the USA volleyball team plays on, without their coach. Hugh McCutcheon is with his family, mourning the death of his father-in-law, who was killed while sightseeing in Beijing. His mother-in-law remains in the hospital.

"Well, you're surprised. You don't expect something to happen like that to happen to you, or somebody that close," said Jon Stanley, who knew the victims.

Stanley is Olympian Clay Stanley's father. He hasn't heard that the victims were targeted for being American or connected to volleyball. So the family is still heading to Beijing, as planned.

"You always have to be careful that you don't go out, isolated places or late at night. I mean, anywhere you go you gotta watch that, but I think China's probably a pretty safe place to be," said Stanley.

The Stanleys also went to Athens, to cheer on Clay in the 2004 games.

"We look forward to spending time with the family. And it's a good educational trip for the kids," said Stanley.

"I wanna go to different places, see all the other places," said Wil Stanley, Clay's little brother.

"Like almost walk the whole way on the great wall of China," added Clay's other brother Jon Stanley, Jr.

Plus, there's the main reason for going.

"I wanna see my brother play, and see how good he really is," added Wil.

And not miss out on this golden opportunity.

Chinese authorities say the attacker was upset over family problems, and say it was an isolated incident. Security is being tightened around scenic spots in Beijing. The U.S. Volleyball team defeated Venezuela 3-2 in their opening match at the Olympics.