More wedding bells than usual ring on 8-8-08

Hazel Orense
Hazel Orense
Jay Jay Orense
Jay Jay Orense

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - More couples than usual tied the knot Friday to tie in luck to their love. At the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, there happened to be eight weddings on 8-8-08.

After ten years together, Hazel and Jay Jay Orense of Oxnard, California seal their lifetime promise to each other with a kiss.

The couple is the first to get married at the Ocean Crystal Chapel at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on 8-8-08.

"My husband is the one who picked the date. Eight symbolizes eternity so that's how we plan on being together," said Hazel.

Coincidently, the engagement ring Jay Jay designed for Hazel, has three eights - one standing up right, the other two eights, laying on their sides.

"I had my artwork all done in January and it had the 8's in it and we didn't know that we were getting married on 888. It as just meant to be, it was meant to be for this day," said Jay Jay.

The couple says, what makes their day so special is not so much because they landed an 8-8-08 wedding date, but more so -

"Because I married the love of my life," said Hazel.

The newlyweds chose to get married in Hawaii because it's where Jay Jay proposed to Hazel on her birthday.