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McCain supporters react to Obama's visit

Jerry Coffee Jerry Coffee
John McCain John McCain
Liz Moniz Liz Moniz

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Despite Obama in town grabbing the state's attention, John McCain supporters feel their candidate has strong support here.

They feel Obama may have grown up here, but he doesn't understand Hawaii's issues as much as McCain.

"He'll be here in town with a glitzy fundraiser and just one stop by for the masses to come pay homage, so to speak, but McCain's going to, we're going to fulfill John's philosophy, the importance of believing in a cause greater than yourself," McCain Hawaii chairman Jerry Coffee said.

Some Hawaii voters feel Obama's visit is well worth the wait.

"I think it's wonderful he comes here, he needs supporting, so he comes and sees his friends to meet with him I'm sure," Honolulu's Liz Moniz said.

But McCain supporters say the presumptive GOP nominee hasn't been treated fairly.

"The media has been we think irresponsible in getting to the bottom of this man," Coffee said. "Obama's resume is paper thin, we can really see right through it."

Despite Obama stealing the spotlight Friday, McCain supporters are hoping people will look beyond Obama's special connection with Hawaii.

"There's a huge undercurrent of support for John McCain in this state, just isn't evident right now, especially now with Obama in town, you might be really surprised whose in support of John," Coffee said.

McCain's Hawaii campaign may be trailing Obama in the polls here, but they look to gain more support through smaller grassroots efforts.

Coffee says so far, Mccain isn't scheduled to come to Hawaii. but his wife, Cindy is expected to speak by teleconference to supporters in the coming weeks.

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