Turtle reward cut in half because of other costs

Warren Scoville
Warren Scoville

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - The reward for a turtle killed on an Oahu North Shore beach is now up to a little more than $10,000.

But only half of it will be put towards the actual reward.

At first, Warren Scoville thought it would be easy to create a reward fund for Honey Girl, the turtle slaughtered on Laniakea Beach.

"We're having to deal with all these groups and construct an ad or reward announcement to offend the least amount of people that we can, we don't want to offend anyone, but we do want to get the information out to the general public," Scoville said.

Scoville also says some of the money is already being spent towards educating the public. He's bought advertisements as well as flyers.

"I've learned that even though there are people out there willing to contribute to a worthy cause, it's not easy to give money away, there's a lot of beauracracy involved," he said.

It's been three weeks since Honey Girl was killed at Laniakea Beach, but for some it feels like it happened just yesterday.

"I can't imagine the kind of person, low-life who would injure a beautiful turtle," Visitor Barbara Nicol said.

Nicol said she hopes the killing will bring more awareness to the protection of sea turtles.

"I think the world in general is becoming more conscious of the environment and wildlife, so to promote some sort of a reward I think that's an intention to do some really good things," she said.

Scoville feels overwhelmed with the support from all over the country. He hopes the efforts to catch the killers won't go unnoticed.

"We're hoping that the message will get out to the people that there are concerned people around the world who care about sea turtles," he said.

Even if Honey Girls' killers aren't caught, Scoville says all but one person wants their money back. The rest feel it should go to turtle education efforts.

Department of Land and Natural Resources officials continue to investigate this case. To find out more about the "Honey Girl Reward Fund," go to the link on this page.