Local boy's message in bottle found ten years later

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A fascinating story of the amazing power of the ocean - an Iolani High School graduate threw a bottle into the ocean a decade ago.

He tells us his bottle, message inside, has been found and far away.

At the time he wrote the note, Tyler Greenhill of Hawaii Kai was living on the West Coast. He says, the bottle popped up on the other side of the continent.

It has been ten years since the bottle was cast into the ocean. Amazingly, the letters inside are still in nearly perfect condition.

"The rubber bands that kept the letters rolled up wore off, but they stayed inside the bottle and were perfectly dry," said Greenhill.

18-year-old Greenhill wrote one of messages in the bottle. At the time, he was a second grader living in Washington state. A family from South Carolina found the bottle all the way in Florida, while scuba diving off Key Largo. They contacted the principal of Tyler's elementary school, who then tracked tyler down in Honolulu.

"The significance I guess is that in conclusion, with the study of ocean currents, currents can take you around the world," said Greenhill.

A couple of Tyler's classmates wrote the other two notes in the bottle. It was part of a class experiment, studying ocean currents. And judging by the trip this bottle made, the lesson learned underscores the beauty and mystery of the sea.

Tyler's family is trying to find out exactly where his bottle was dropped off.

Tyler's second grade teacher handed the class's bottles to a pilot, who dropped them off in different parts of the world. They should find out the exact location by tomorrow.