Venue Aerials spotlight economic innovation

Ryan Sabado
Ryan Sabado
Armando Farfan, Jr.
Armando Farfan, Jr.

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

WAIKIKI-- (KHNL) As the country's economy struggles, businesses are buckling and families are cutting back.

But, a new entertainment venue is expanding, rolling out the red carpet for its grand opening.

It's not hard to catch the spectacular sights of the "Waikiki Nei" show and Level Four nightclub.

All you have to do is look up at aerialists, taking center stage of this form of innovative entertainment.

The unique "Waikiki Nei" show turns into the level four nightclub, taking the spotlight at both scenes are aerialists.

"It brings an experience to the nightclub that's just unlike anything else in the world," said Artistic Creator Armando Farfan Jr.

It takes about six weeks to train the show's 20 performers and the night club's cast of ten. The biggest factor is time.

It's time for this reporter to take on the trade. Game face on and yes even the tights, I learn an aerialist must have focus and flexibility.

"You use muscles and flexibility you've never used before," said Aerialist Ryan Sabado.

All stretched out, there's no looking back. Clutching on for dear life, I finally let go.

It's not the most graceful form, but then again anyone would look bad compared to Ryan. Show off.

During club hours, aerialists perform up to 10 times a night. Here at Level Four, aerialists descend nearly 37 ft dangling over dancers. And it's a lot harder than it looks.

Taking center stage at this venue is the fusion of lights, music and local historical flavor. It covers the importance of the sea and how it helps sustains the people.

"It's taken a lot of what is culturally important to Hawaiians and it's just done beautiful imagery for people to watch," said Farfan Jr.

"That's something different that this area needs, something that's above and beyond," said Performance Director Meagan Hensley.

Attracting crowds of up to 1500 a night, without a shadow of a doubt this show/nightclub dances to the beat of it's own drum.

It proves the only way to elevate past a weak economy is innovation.

Waikiki Nei's grand opening for the show is August 5th, while the Level Four nightclub has already had a few successful weekends.