Taking the bus can save Honolulu drivers $8000 per year

Dean Ventimiglia
Dean Ventimiglia

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - More than $8,000 per year - that's how much a non-profit public transportation agency says Honolulu residents can save when they give up driving.

"The economy is bad nowadays. I would catch the bus to save gas, plus it's saving me on the mechanics of my car," said Greg, a bus rider.

In a report the American Public Transportation Association released, Honolulu is among the top 20 cities with the highest ridership.

"I'm all for public transportation. I think they need to offer more for the outer parts of the island, the North Shore," said North Shore resident Dean Ventimiglia.

According to the report, taking the bus can save Honolulu residents up to $8,703 per year in gas and car maintenance. How accurate is that? Let's find out.

It costs me $40 to fill up my car, per week. A new set of tires? About $450. $30 for an oil change, once every 3 months, that's $120 total per year. Plus $142 for registration, and $1000 on car insurance per year.

You add everything up and the total comes out to about $3600 per year in car expenses.

Subtract the cost of an annual bus pass, which costs $440.

Total savings? Nearly $3200.

That's no where near the $8,703 dollar mark in the report. But that's still more than $3,000 saved per year, just by taking public transportation.

The American Public Transportation Association calculated the transit savings based on gas prices AAA reported on July 31st.