State Disaster Planners Ready Crisis Warehouse

By Diane Ako - bio | email and Taires Hiranaka

DIAMOND HEAD CRATER (KHNL) - Every year the state urges you to pack a disaster kit in case of a hurricane. And now, the state takes its own advice!

This is the new disaster supply warehouse located in Diamond Head Crater. It's a 20,000 square foot building packed with many items like shovels and chains that would be used by search and rescue teams in the event of something like a building collapse, stretchers to help take out injured people, dozens of oxygen tanks for special needs victims, and generators that could be used at an emergency shelter in case of a power outage. There's half a million dollars worth of supplies in here.

Vice director of State civil defense Ed Teixiera said, "We have communities along roads or highways where, if it's cut off, the people would be in dire straits. Therefore we wanted that emergency supply capability of water, some food, equipment, ready to go."

State civil defense officials say you should still put together your own disaster kit, because a consumer kit would have more food and water, while the state's warehouse focuses more on non-perishable, industrial use supplies.