Successful entrepreneur offers Hawaii businesswomen advice

Layla Dedrick
Layla Dedrick

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Layla Dedrick was a guest speaker this month at the Wahine in Business Forum which focused on bringing together women entrepreneurs in Hawaii.

From natural stone products to recycled glass, Dedrick's company Bella Pietra supplies the products for any home or business renovation.

Layla Dedrick started the company seven years ago and it is now the leading natural stone supply company in Hawaii.

"When you start a business, there's no rule book and you just jump on the bus and take off and we've been blessed with a lot of growth in the past seven years," Dedrick said. "I really encourage business women to look at how living in Hawaii and Hawaii's uniqueness is a strength to what they do in their daily lives."

Born and raised in Maili, and a Kamehameha school graduate, she and her husband started the company in 2001 and on Monday they open their fourth location, this one in Hilo.

"We had the drive and we had the passion we bumped our heads along the way learning how to run a business," Dedrick said. "Your connection to your family and this place affects how you run your business and how you relate to people I think is pretty unique."

She says there are a few things women need to be successful.

"Believe in yourself, contribute to the community, and respecting those around you."

This weekend Bella Pietra will have a booth at the building industry associations remodel it right expo.