Rail, Rail, the Gang's All Here

Why are City Council members suddenly so adamant about letting the people vote on steel rail, rapid transit? 18-months ago, the Council narrowly approved the route of the proposed rail, but now they say that the people should be decide the fate of this thing? Hmmm. Do you think it might be because we have an election coming up that the sudden interest has arisen to include the people? This issue has been tossed around for decades. The people have had plenty of time to assess their feelings while sitting in traffic. Do you remember that way back in 1992 the City Council voted not to increase the excise tax by 0.5% to help pay for part of a proposed rail solution?

If the input of the public is so important, and it is, why don't we also ask the public if we even need a City Council or two legislative arms? Why don't we ask the public if we should re-design the public education system in Hawaii? Why don't we ask the public about all of the other bills and proposals that will affect those very same people when they are passed or defeated? Why don't we ask the public about lane additions and double-deck highways? Cost concerns? Certainly, just like with 75% of the other measures bandied about behind closed doors at the City, County, and State levels every year.

You know why we don't get special votes on everything? It's because that's why we supposedly elect smart people every couple of years- to make the right decisions about items that will impact us all. If they don't do a good job, we always pay the price in some form, and they should pay a price and lose their jobs quickly. Think about it...