Whale Tale

It took a while, but a whale was wheeled away last week after weighing in for weeks and having its stench wafting for quite a while. Whale, whale. After weeks of wallowing on the shore, wary workers wenched the washed-up whale while watchers winced, and some almost wilted. Pilau! The wind worked to widen the width of the whale's stench, thus adding to the woes of the watchers in the neighborhood.

When this wondrous creature wasted away while watchers wheezed and waves worried the workers, one wonders why this woeful whale tale occurred in the first place. Hopefully, the wise wizards of whale-ology can learn from this magnificent 65-foot long denizen of the deep. These beautiful and gigantic creatures, almost mythical in nature, are sometimes taken for granted at the same time as their numbers decline worldwide.

While you may not wail for this whale, woe unto us all if we become callous and oblivious to the plight of majestic animals such as this one or even less revered creatures of the planet. Perhaps the fate of other species, due to our arrogance, ignorance, or indifference, will invariably make our plight on this planet a precarious one in the centuries ahead...