World renowned explorer on Oahu for special events

Dr. Sylvia Earle
Dr. Sylvia Earle

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A world renowned scientist, explorer, diver and adventurer is back on Oahu this week.

Dr. Sylvia Earle was a guest on KHNL News 8 Today.

She's on the island to speak at a series of NOAA events.

Among other feats, Dr. Earle holds the world record for walking lower on the sea floor off Oahu, than anyone in history.

Tuesday morning, she told us about the state of our coral reefs, and why Hawaii has reason to be optimistic.

"We've lost about half, or seen a serious decline in about half of the coral reefs. But the good news is, half are still in pretty good shape. And Hawaii in particular has become globally recognized for taking serious steps for protecting coral reefs," said Dr. Earle.

Time Magazine dubbed her "The Katherine Hepburn of Ocean," and the New York Times refers to Dr. Earle as "Her Deepness."