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July 29, 2002

Police Raid Cockfighting House In Waianae

Undercover police officers arrest three men during a cockfighting bust in Waianae. The media got a rare opportunity to tag along as it all went down.

It's a shocking sight for anyone who's never seen a cockfight. But not for these spectators. They gather at this pit in Waianae just about every weekend for chicken fights. Some admit they're here to gamble.

Several undercover police officers helped to arrest three men during this raid. The men were taken into custody for owning gafts.

"It has a razor sharp gaft attached to its foot by nylon cords. They are used to slash and stab the opposing bird."

And causing cruelty to animals.

"The birds are allowed to peck at each other's heads before the fight."

One Waianae man says getting arrested and slapped with misdemeanor fines is not going make him stop the fighting.

"It's a cultural thing. How can anybody stop a cultural thing?"

But animal activists feel differently.

"It is not the sort of thing that should be going on in a civilized community."

The Honolulu Police Department says about 500 people were here. A lot of them were children, and that worries the Hawaiian Humane Society.

"If children are taught to be immune to the suffering of animals - how hard is that for them to then become immune to the suffering of people," says Eve Holt of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

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