Obama Coming home for break in middle of campaign

Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz

By Stephen Florino - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- After weeks of speculation, it's been finally confirmed -- Barack Obama is coming home in the middle of his run for the White House. The visit will be a mix of both business and pleasure.

Obama does have plans for family, but he'll also be raising money for his campaign, showing that work never ends when you're running for president.

Different day, different place -- that's what life's been like the last few months for presidential candidate Barack Obama. But even he needs a break, and he'll do it, right here.

"We're so proud that Hawaii is the place where he comes to relax," said Brian Schatz, Hawaii Democratic Party Chairman. He says Obama will also visit his grandmother.

"He hasn't seen her in a while, and so this is really gonna be about family, and relaxation, and spending time with his children and grandmother."

The last time Obama came home was December 2004. He spoke at a party fundraiser at that time. He's scheduled to appear at a campaign fundraiser this time. It's set for the Kahala Resort on August 12th. Tickets cost $2,300 per person.

"It's quite a price, but there is that level of enthusiasm," said Schatz. "I think we're gonna raise a tremendous amount of money."

Hawaii has already raised more than a million dollars for Obama's campaign. With 600 expected at the Kahala, that's well more than a million more.

Local party officials hope Obama will make time for a few public appearances, but knows this trip is ultimately a time for him to relax before the final push to the White House.

"That's the special thing about Hawaii from his prospective, he doesn't have to be candidate Obama all the time," said Schatz. "He can relax, eat a plate lunch, maybe play some golf. Whatever he wants to do, we wanna support him on that."

Dates on the Hawaii visit are not known. However, Obama has said he wanted to take a week-long vacation before the Democratic National Convention. That starts August 25th in Denver.