Hawaiian Airlines warns of fraudulent email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A safety alert about a fake email being circulated in Hawaii.

It appears as if the email is from Hawaiian Airlines and is labeled "your ticket".

The airlines warns that the email appears as a notice of a new ticketing service .

It informs the recipient that a new account's been opened in their name and a ticket has been charged to their credit card.

The email even contains an attachment designed to look like an electronic ticket.

But, the airlines warns, that attachment is actually contaminated with a virus.

"This email is not linked to Hawaiian in any way," said David Wu, Hawaiian's senior director of Information of Technology. "We just want to warn everyone that it does contain a virus and our advice is to not open the attachment and to delete the email from your inbox."

The email also contains references to login, password and credit card information, which Hawaiian officials say they would never include in an email to customers unless it's requested.