A fond farewell from Walter Makaula

To Our island viewers from Walter Makaula,

Thank you to everyone at home for allowing me to come into your homes each weekday night over the past four years and give you your news.

It's been a privilege, and an honor, and I'm forever grateful to all of you who have written to me, thank you so much!

When I was growing up here in Hawaii, there weren't any faces, that looked like this on the local news.

And I was told after I got started that I probably wouldn't get any work outside of Hawaii in this industry.

So if you're a kid with aspirations of being on the news, or you have a child who would like to be, encourage them to go after their dreams.

Four years ago, I anchored my first news cast here with Stephanie Lum, Sharie Shima, our producer Anthony Ferriera, and director Lori Chong.

tonight, i couldn't be happier to have them all with me here on my final night.

Please continue to support them.

Please continue to watch k5 news at nine.

and when you're visiting San Diego, you can catch me on the same station.


Thank you and Good Night!