Chief elections officer not registered to vote?

Chief elections officer not registered to vote?

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Is Kevin Cronin, Hawaii's Chief Election Officer, a registered voter? According to state laws, you must be a registered voter to be a Chief Election Officer.

Friday afternoon at 2:45 pm, we called the County Clerk's office and they confirmed he is not a registered voter. We reached Cronin on Saturday evening and he says he has no comment.

Some Hawaii lawmakers are disturbed by the news.

"As a legislator and former elections administrator, I have grave concerns about the Chief Elections Officer not being a registered voter of the State. It's a serious violation of the law, and it raises a lot of questions with regards to the performance of his duties. If we as candidates, not to mention the electorate, have to meet the requirements of the law in order to be able to participate in the process, then shouldn't the Chief Elections Officer of the State have to meet the requirements of the duties and responsibilities of his job, as prescribed by the law, as well?" responds State Representative Joey Manahan (D- 29th House District - Sand Island, Mokauea, Kalihi Kai, Kapalama).

"I think this is a serious matter that should be looked into by the elections commission and this issue should be the subject of a legislative investigation," he said.