High speed police chase leads to attempted murder charge

WAILUKU, MAUI (KHNL) -A high speed chase, a criminal driving into a cop car, and an ex-con being tasered into submission-it's not a movie script, it happened on maui last night!

The incident landed this 23- year old man, Clinton Estrella, behind bars and in jail.

Wailuku police say at 10:30pm last night, a woman called to say she saw five men at the Kamehameha Schools pre-school, with a handgun.

When they got there, police say they found only Estrella and told him to get out of his car. He instead rammed the patrol car several times as he was fleeing.

Estrella then led the cops on a high speed chase down Kahekili highway, before pulling over and trying to run away.

That's when police say they caught him and tasered him.

Police say Estrella injured four officers.

He will be charged with attempted murder.

This isn't new for Estrella - his rap sheet includes 45 arrests and 7 felony convictions.