Hawaii's surfboards going green

Jeff Bushman
Jeff Bushman
Kyle Bernhardt
Kyle Bernhardt

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HALEIWA (KHNL) - They are two master surfboard shapers looking at new ways to make surfboards out of environmentally friendly materials.

It's a quest to change the surfboard industry the green way.

Jeff Bushman and Kyle Bernhardt have launched "Country Feeling Surfboards," which are made from soy and sugar based foams, plant based and solar-activated resins and hemp cloth.

"As surfers, we're the ones playing in the ocean, so it's very important for s to make small steps to create boards that are more environmentally friendly," said Surfboard Shaper Jeff Bushman.

The boards are crafted using the same tools and process as traditional surfboards. The two shapers are trying to make a statement that it is possible to use other materials less harmful to the environment, without compromising the quality of the product.

"We've had tremendous success with the performance of the board," said Bushman.

"I think there's room for improvement, but they're pretty darn good," said Surfboard Shaper Kyle Bernhardt.

Demand for these enviro-friendly boards is rising. As of today the two shapers have a combined for 400 back orders.

They hope other surfboard shapers will consider switching to biodegradable materials.

"I think people are just generally getting more in tune with the environment, so we're a part of the public, and we just wanted to do our part," said Bernhardt.

Kyle and Jeff are doing this, not so much for the money, but to spread awareness.

"There's not really a monetary gain, it's more of making everyone aware, you know? Especially in Hawaii, we live in such a special beautiful place, that we have to take care," said Bushman.

It's a new kind of surfboard taking shape to help protect the environment.

Jeff and Kyle shape everything from longboards to shortboards to stand-up paddle boards.

Right now the cost of one the biodegradable surfboards cost about 100 dollars more than traditional surfboards.