Freight fees to trickle down to consumers

Jerry Ilo
Jerry Ilo

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

IWILEI (KHNL) -  Shores to store shelves, retailers say new container fees will trickle down causing sticker shock for consumers.

You may not think containers fees will affect you, but if you shop for groceries or any other retail goods shipped in from the mainland, think again and prepare to pay a lot more.

Shoppers shuffling into retailers like the Iwilei Costco will soon pay more.

"Bottom Line is if we're paying 42 percent more, the consumers going to pay 42 percent more," said Supervisor Jerry Ilo.

He says freight fees will depend on weight. Like rice? He's seen the price of a bag of it increase $3-$4 the last couple months.

"It's not only shipping prices, the truckers are also paying record prices for diesel so that's going to cost more to deliver it from the docks," said Ilo.

Ilo says shoppers aren't cutting back, they're stocking up, taking advantage of costs right now before they're beat down with increased prices, but don't blame the stores.

"We aren't making any more money," said Ilo.  "Prices are going up, but we're still keeping our same markup."

With revenue roasting up for retailers, it's now time for everyone to feel the friction of freight fees.

While container costs may be out of our hands, retailers say the best advice for consumers is to speak up and question our government. They say you should ask why things like oil prices are up, otherwise in the end we'll all get burned.