Venue turns to Innovative Entertainment

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU--( KHNL) With our country's weak economy, it seems like everyone's struggling to survive. While an anticipated high-tech show is experiencing a setback, it may end up increasing its sustainability in the long run.

"Waikiki Nei" pushed back its formal opening because of technical difficulties, but it may be a good thing. They hope to turn this distraction into an attraction that entertainment seekers can't pass up.

The newest show in hawaii was supposed to open two weeks ago, but

construction crews are at work fixing up flaws. They're re-tooling and reviewing glitches from a few preview shows.

"We also had an issue with our UFO not working. We had a failure due to flood damage so we're taking advantage of that downtime," said Chief Executive Officer Todd Dougall.

Performers dangling from the ceiling, to hip partiers hitting the dance floor. "Waikiki Nei" turns into the "Level 4" nightclub.

Popular attractions like the big name "Jabberwockies" dance group to overcoming a weak economy with upscale atmosphere. The venue hopes to separate itself from the crowd.

"We're trying to definitely raise the level and standard of service and I think that's what's going to be unique to us," said Front Door Manager Don Lee.

With this one of a kind light show turned nightclub, the venue spotlights something spectacular for visitors. Entertaining up to almost 2000 guests a night, there's high hopes for success.

"The restaurants are doing very well, the retailers were doing well or better than they have been because of the mass of humanity we're bringing in," said Dougall.

With long lines of partiers, the $22 million dollar project has so far been positive.

"People always want to have fun whether the economy is up or down they always want to feel good," added Dougall.

With different uses, the venue symbolizes strength.

By combining practical with posh, it's a toast to innovative entertainment.

Owners say to stay successful they must rely on the community and while they hope to attract tourists, they say locals are their life support.

"Waikiki Nei" will be start back up in early august, the Level 4 nightclub is open starting Wednesday nights.