The race for Honolulu Mayor is on

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The race for Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu is on. Candidates running for the mayoral office at Honolulu Hale have to file by tomorrow, July 22 in order to enter the race.

As of Monday July 21, there are 12 candidates registered for the upcoming election. The list of candidates are:

James Brewer

Daniel Cunningham

Muffi Hannemann

Donavon Kambel

Kay Kim

Jaqueline Romaine Maly

Paul Manner

George Nitta

Panagiotis Prevedouros

Miles Shiratori

Michael Simpson

One of the major dividing factors between the mayoral candidates are their positions on the future plans for Oahu's Mass Transit Project.

Current Honolulu Mayor Muffi Hanneman remains solid in his plans to carry out the construction of a mass transit rail system for Oahu.

Although there is strong opposition to the rail project from members of the group "Stop Rail Now", Hanneman continues to be unwavering in his opinion on what is needed to solve Oahu's transit problems.

"Four years ago, in 2004, we ran on a resume and a list of promises," Hanneman said in a press release, "This time around, in 2008, we are running on a record of accomplishments, and we are looking forward to taking that record to the voters of Honolulu."

A leading opponent against Hanneman is University of Hawaii Professor of Civil Engineering Panos Prevedouros.

Prevedouros is officially announcing his candidacy on Monday.The professor has taken a leave of absence from his position at UH in order to run for Mayor.

"I happen to have the expertise and the drive to fix the problems that face Oahu at this critical time in its history," the candidate said in a press release on Monday.

Prevedouros went on to say that his platform will focus on the three "T's" traffic, trash and taxes.

More coverage on the listed mayoral candidates will continue as the 2008 election gets underway.