Kalihi youth give back to the land

Solomon Enos
Solomon Enos

KALIHI, Oahu (KHNL)- In an effort to protect our island's cultural and natural resources one Oahu valley received some extra attention today from the local youth.

Members from Kalihi's Late Night Basketball League joined hands together in a pule, circle with leaders from the 100 acre Kalihi Valley Nature Park. The park's resident manager Solomon Enos gave the youth a lesson on the land.

"We make sure and touch the land just like we want someone to touch us. Because we are all going to be soil again one day," he said, "Ya, I am pretty sure."

Enos explained how the health of the people depends on the health of the land.

Saturday's event was an opportunity for the youth to make a difference

For the conservation effort the shipping company Matson donated a large container along with a $1,000 dollars for the basketball league volunteers to fill it up.

The Project Coordinator for Coalition for a Drug Free Hawaii, Sean Spriggs added a community service component to the sports activities his program offers.

"I felt it was necessary for kids to give back. In a whole sense this collaboration with these guys here up in Kalihi Valley Nature Park was just you know a match made in heaven," he said.

A heaven of a resource, that is hidden in the back of Kalihi Valley for all to enjoy