Laid-off Advertiser employees hold rally to protest future cuts

Ian Rutka
Ian Rutka

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Recently laid-off employees at the state's largest daily newspaper staged a lunch time rally Friday in hopes of getting a new contract, and preventing further cuts to newspaper staff.

More than 100 employees held signs, protesting the layoffs, which so far, have affected more than 50 employees.

They say they feel mistreated and angry at the company for not consulting them before making a decision.

Affected employees say they're doing their best to cope with a bad situation.

"I just hope that everyone that gets displaced we're trying to get everyone's job back," said Ian Rutka, an Advertiser employee. "That's the main goal, but if they don't we hope that the company gives us the resources and assistance. Everything is up in the air. They told us verbally that we're getting laid off, they haven't even given it to us in writing and they're supposed to do that."

A few employees were even let go as late as Friday morning.

Company management says they stand on the argument that they are not immune to changes in the industry, and say they do take layoffs seriously.

Contract negotiations continued with no new progress being made.