Kauai High School football players learn valuable camp skills

Gage Gusman
Gage Gusman

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Attendance at the University of Hawaii football camps have doubled in only one year.

But it's not just the university that benefits from holding these camps, it's also the kids.

And for one group from Kauai, they're excited they had to travel only a short distance to get some quality learning experiences.

For this group of football players, they have reason to be excited.

"Well, our school is division two, so to come up here and run against division one teams, it's a good workout for us," said Gage Gusman, Kauai High School running back.

About 14 players from Kauai High School came to Oahu this week to participate in the University of Hawaii football skills camp.

"Kauai, we only have three teams so it's not very many, so it's not very many teams to get experience with, so it's good experience for us," said Trey Shimabukuro, Kauai High School quarterback.

This is only the second time UH has hosted a camp, but for teams like the Kauai red raiders, it's a big deal for the players to have a camp so close.

"This is the first camp I've been to, but other guys have had to go farther, to the mainland, or even further to the east coast, that's kind of far for us, and this is really a good thing," said Matt Parr, Kauai High School middle linebacker.

The camp also provides a platform for the players to strut their stuff for the coaches.

"This opportunity is a big one, just to show what I can do, compete against schools and show UH that I can play."

And as a team, the opportunity to be together will only help them bond for their upcoming season.

"It definitely brings us closer together, we're spending more time together, learning together, it's definitely a lot of fun."

Last year the Red Raiders won the KIF, but they fell in the semifinals of the State Championship.  The players hope that this experience will help them reach the finals this year.

And don't forget the UH Big Man's Camp begins on Monday, registration begins at 8, while the camp runs from 9-11.