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Top 3 Stories on - Week of July 18

Number Three: Shark feeding frenzy Number Three: Shark feeding frenzy
Number Two: Big fight Number Two: Big fight
Number One: Millionaire's disappearance Number One: Millionaire's disappearance

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A shark feeding frenzy, a big fight between two former professional athletes and a millionaire's disappearance, top this week's most viewed stories on

Number Three: Shark feeding frenzy

A videographer who prefers to make his living at sea, shared his videotape of an amazing encounter with one of the world's most feared predators.

Alex Werjefelt is no stranger to danger. He willingly came face to face with it, while filming this feeding frenzy, about ten miles off of Kahuku.

He captured compelling footage of tiger sharks, attacking the carcass of a giant sperm whale.

Number Two: Big fight

"We're going to tire him in the first round," said Vai Sikahema.  "And in the second or third round, his arm's gonna get loopy and that's what's gonna happen second or third round, he's gonna go down and we're gonna finish him."

They're both former professional athletes. One was an NFL Pro Bowler, the other a big league baseball player.

Last weekend, Jose Canseco and Vai Sikahema clashed in the boxing ring.

At first glance, the boxing matchup didn't look good for Vai. His opponent is seven inches taller and 50 pounds heavier.

But Vai knocked out Canseco in the first round.

And the number One story: Millionaire's disappearance

"I'm just sick all over my body I feel like I'm just, I feel like I've lost everything that's important to me," said Candis Thomas.

Honolulu police are still investigating how a missing millionaire, wound up dead below the Pali Lookout.

Fire crews recovered the body of 36-year-old Steven Thomas, two weeks after he was reported missing.

The Medical Examiner says Thomas died from injuries, consistent with a fall. Officials are trying to determine if it was an accident, a suicide or something else.

And these are the Top 3 Stories on this week.

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