Web site serves as gathering place for Hawaii's culinary scene

Melanie Kosaka
Melanie Kosaka
Chris Miura
Chris Miura

By Cindy Cha - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Hawaii's culinary scene is going digital. It may not be the Food Network but it's a way for local chefs to gather online and share their tasty secrets.

It's called Share Your Table, and it cooks up a mean recipe, giving food lovers a taste of the island's favorites.

Food has been a big part of Hawaii's traditions as recipes are passed down from generations to generations.

And it seems everyone has a good food story to tell.

The new Web site, Share Your Table, provides an open forum.

"There's great recipes, great food stories and just fun insights," said Melanie Kosaka.

Melanie Kosaka is the creator of Share Your Table. She says the goal is exactly what the name says, for a community to come together and share their table.

"We thought it's an interesting way to explore Hawaii through a culinary focused lens whether you're interested in Hawaii culture, food traditions, history," Kosaka said.

Each month, Share Your Table features local artisans, like Chris Miura of Mauna Kea Baking Company, who shows his passion for bread making.

"Just providing really high quality hand-made breads with the highest quality ingredients and that's something that I feel was lacking in our community for a while and I want to bring that out," said Miura.

And to also bring out a platform that Melanie hopes will spur discussions.

"So grandkids will talk to their grandmothers, sons and daughters will talk to their parents and use it as a repository to put the food traditions and recipes for all of Hawaii to share."

And for all food lovers to explore the best of Hawaii's culinary scene, one plate at a time.

Share Your Table will launch its interactive food and wine channel on cable TV in several months.