Lt. Governor calls on City Council to place rail transit on ballot

Lt. Governor James Aiona
Lt. Governor James Aiona

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Lt. Governor James Aiona called on the Honolulu City Council Wednesday to place a measure on the November general election ballot that would allow Oahu residents to vote on the current rail transit plan.

Aiona says the City Council should exercise its authority to place a measure on the ballot to let the people of Oahu decide.

"As a resident of Kapolei, I am acutely aware of the traffic problems we face, and although I have many unanswered questions about the current rail transit plan, I believe the petition should be limited in focus to the current plan - not the overall concept of rail and train transit," Aiona said. "The people of Oahu deserve to have the final say on the rail transit plan."

Stop Rail Now is circulating a petition to place a measure on an election ballot that would require an ordinance to indefinitely prohibit the use of rail as an alternative transportation option on Oahu.

The City Council could place the rail transit plan on the November general election ballot as a proposed charter amendment by a two-thirds majority council vote on three separate days.