Kalihi business community welcomes new car dealership

Cora Europa
Cora Europa
John Ueka
John Ueka
Tony Pfaltzgraff
Tony Pfaltzgraff

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

KALIHI (KHNL) - Good news for a community that's welcoming the relocation of an area car dealership with open arms.

If you build it, they will come. Sure it's a famous line from a movie but it's also a concept Kalihi businesses are counting on.

Here at Sam & Syds Cafe, the sari sari with shrimp is what tickles taste buds. But talk of New City Nissan moving next door is driving up hopes.

"It will be a plus for us, having a restaurant," said Cora Europa of Sam & Syd's Cafe. "Some neighbors have their own boutique."

Kakaako to its new 6.7 acre lot in Kalihi, New City Nissan is detouring away from heavy rent dollars in Ala Moana to it's cheaper more spacious location.

"The real estate was getting awfully high and it was something that we could afford and the access from the east and west is so convenient.," said John Ueka of New City Nissan.

At more than 49,000 square feet, the new facility is triple the size and includes this state of the art service center. New City calls the move an investment in the Kalihi community.

More and more businesses are really recognizing how central Kalihi is, there's a very big workforce of people who work very hard," said Tony Pfaltzgraff of Kalihi Business Association.

Businesses say the relocation will rev up revitalization of the entire area.

"It was too dark before and scary and now it's all very nice and it's bright," said Europa.

A symbol of success coming to a community, local leaders hope the move will merge mind sets away from the area's old reputation.

"There really needs to be opportunity for young people in this community and as businesses come in, it really helps to create those types of opportunities," said Pfaltzgraff.

Lifting up the area's expectations, New City Nissan hopes its arrival becomes the Kalihi community's ultimate asset.

Along with more traffic to businesses, New City Nissan's new $45 million location will bring up to 15 more jobs to the area.

Sales start here in Kalihi on Thursday.