Record numbers of voters registering in Hawaii

Chanel Meyers
Chanel Meyers

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - This year's presidential election is already historic, with democrat Barack Obama trying to become the first African-American president.

Thousands in Hawaii are signing up to be part of history and that has led to record numbers of registered voters.

History might be surrounding this year's presidential election, but the right to vote is a privilege some feel should be taken advantage of all the time. In Hawaii democratic candidate Barak Obama seems to be the biggest interest among local residents. But about half the state senators and all state representatives are up for re-election this year.

"It's always important to participate whether it's a presidential year or non presidential election year."

Right now there are more than 666,000 registered voters in Hawaii, almost 4000 more than the 2004 general election.

Chanel Meyers is a first time voter and believes the spike in voter registration is the result of a snowball effect.

"It definitely makes you want to jump on the band wagon because if everyone else is doing it then people are going to take notice and say o.k., I want to do that too."

Meyers registered to vote when she got her driver's license.

"That's definitely the first step in getting your voice said anywhere, you know, so definitely that's important."

With the elections just a few months away, stay tuned for radio ads and T.V. ads put out by the State Office of Elections and the offices of the County Clerks urging more people to register to vote.

The deadline to register for the primary election is August 21st. For the general election people have until October 6th to register.