Officials plan to bury dead whale on private property

Hana Lopes
Hana Lopes

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KAHUKU (KHNL) -- It's a whale of a problem for people who live near it. For more than two weeks, a dead sperm whale's body has floated up on some north shore property. People there want something done soon.

"It's the first time I ever seen one whale or something wash up and nobody did (anything) about it," longtime resident Hana Lopes said.

He has lived near the beach where the whale is at right now his whole life. He and others who live near the dead whale, just want it hauled out to sea.

"They need to get it out of here," he said. "How are we supposed to fish or bring the kids and stuff to the beach and if they going to haul it off and chop it up, then going get maggots and that all over the place."

DLNR and NOAA have been working together to find a solution to this smelly eyesore.

They tell us they've decided to chop it up, haul it over to nearby private property and bury it.

But Lopes feels that option could become a problem later on.

"Brah, the meat from that is all over the freaking side of this reef, it's crazy that they ain't doing nothing," he said.

Officials have said they plan to use to whale's skull and bones for scientific research, but keeping people safe is their main priority.

"Well, if that's their main concern, they should have done it when it was all the way down in Kaneohe not wait for it to wash up on our beach."

For some people in Kahuku, it's a waiting game that seems to drift too long.

DLNR and NOAA officials plan to meet Monday to discuss more details about the process of moving the whale.