More on the rail as Governor Lingle signs petition

HONOLULU (KHNL) -Some local engineering firms are putting their support behind the city's proposed rail system. They support Honolulu's rail transit project because they believe it is the best way to fix Oahu's traffic problems.

"Go-Rail-Go" officials were on hand to welcome the new supporters who claim the rail will create more jobs.But,"Stop Rail Now" officials say it will have damaging effects no matter how you look at it.

"by the city's own analysis, the impact of rail on traffic will be miniscule, very small and the environmental impact will be negative," said engineering professor, Panos Prevedourous.

Civil engineer Haku Miles thinks differently, "i'm not really concerned with the stop rail. I just want to show my support that I fully support "Go Rail Go". And I think it would have a good impact on the environment and the community."

Governor Lingle signed a petition Saturday to let people decide on the rail. She still does not have a position on it.

She said, "My reason for signing this petition is to give the people of Oahu the opportunity to make an informed decision on what will be the most expensive project in state history."

But the Governor did add that a rail system could be a viable transportation alternative for the island.