Oahu driver fuming about gas pump glitch

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - We all know how expensive it can be to fill up, but glitches at gas pumps could drive up the cost by pennies at a time.

One driver is fuming after being charged for gas that never made it into her tank.

Dolly Domingo wants to be heard. Last week while she was getting gas at a Tesoro gas station in Aiea and noticed something on the pumps read-out screen.

"Before I started fueling the gas, pumping the gas, there was 11 cents already registered." said Driver Dolly Domingo.

This has happened to Dolly Domingo before at the same gas station. She says others might be getting over-charged because the pumps may not be accurate.

"It leads me to believe they're not servicing or you know, keeping up with what they should be doing in monitoring those pumps," said Domingo.

But Tesoro, in an email response states, their pumps are working just fine.

"Our stations are tested periodically, to ensure we meet weights and measures regulations," Tesoro Customer Care.

Domingo worries that other customers have also paid extra for their gas. Eleven-cents for each customer every fill up could add up to a lot of extra money for gas stations.

"The public doesn't want to feel cheated. They're working hard, hard earned money filling up their cars, taking their children out and doing family activities and they shouldn't have to be penalized," said Domingo.

With other gas stations to fuel up at, Domingo says it's time to vote with her dollar and find another place to fill her tank.

A spokesperson for Tesoro in Hawaii added that the company will contact Domingo and not only make sure she gets a refund, but thank her for bringing this issue to their attention.