New iPhone causes iFrenzy in Hawaii

Sonya Hinnah
Sonya Hinnah
Mark Hinnah
Mark Hinnah

By Leland Kim - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's one of the most anticipated gadgets this season.  Apple's second generation iPhone hit the stores Friday morning, and diehard fans across the country stood in line to get their hands on it.

iPhone fanatics have been counting down the days ever since Apple made the announcement last month.  Friday, everyone was talking about it.

It's a different kind of a telephone line at this AT&T store on Kapi'olani Boulevard.  Fans don't mind waiting to get their hands on Apple's latest gizmo.

"I'm in line because we both need a phone and I love iPhone," said Mark Hinnah, an iPhone fan who is stationed at Schofield Barracks.

This is déjà vu for Mark and Sonya Hinnah.

"I stood in line to get him a phone," said Mark's wife Sonya.  "Instead I got me one, and now we're standing in line for a second time to get him one now, but it was his main idea to stand in the line."

"I woke her up as I was going to work and I said, 'Come on. Get up. AT&T store's opening soon. You got to get there,'" added Mark Hinnah.

They and millions of others across the country had the same idea.  Friday morning, there were some software glitches because overwhelming demand crashed the system.  Since the east coast is six hours ahead, the problem was resolved by morning in Hawaii.

"So every single customer since about 10 o'clock this morning has been walking out of our stores with phones that work," said Ed Maruyama, AT&T's sales director.

Phones that work and much more attractive to own.

The new iPhone is two and a half times faster than the original. Besides having a cool built in camera, it's only half the price.

And it'll be a lifeline for the Hinnahs when Mark gets deployed to Iraq.

"It's definitely good to keep in touch with family and friends," said Mark Hinnah, who is a staff sergeant with Bravo Troop, ¾ Cav.  "It's definitely motivation to keep going while you're over there."

So for this military couple, today was a perfect iDay.

"She's been wanting to get on the same plan, so now we're on the same plan," said Mark Hinnah.  "We both got iPhones, so we're both happy."

"I won't be able to talk to him for the next three days because he's going to be playing with his phone," added Sonya Hinnah.

The iPhone is sold out in most locations, but they're taking orders.  So if you put one in today, it'll arrive in about a week.