Zoo director retires

Ken Redman
Ken Redman

By Walter Makaula bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's the end of an era for the Honolulu Zoo as the Waikiki gathering place for visitors and animals prepares to say farewell to someone considered a fixture there. It's been a long and slow journey for one of the zoo's long time residents. But although he's not physically an animal, Zoo Director Ken Redman said, he loves everything that lives there just like they were his own family.

Just don't ask him to name a favorite.

"Oh you can't say that when you're a zoo director, " said Reman. "We've got a thousand animals or so and they all have to be your favorites, just like if you have four or five chidren." He added, "You can't say Little Johnny's my favorite."

Redman's been behind the scenes running the day to day operations at the Honolulu Zoo for 17 years. He was the Assistant Zoo Director before he took on the head position in 1993.

Redman said he's not going away for good, but just retiring,

and added, he'll be active in a few exciting things slated for the near future.

"We're on the verge of our new elephant exhibit and that is going to be really really good to see," He said.

In addition to that, we can expect to see the 'Hawaii Islands Experience' featuring the culture, animals, and plants of our islands.

He said it will set the Honolulu Zoo apart from any other in the world.

Although he'll miss his extended family at the zoo, he says, what he'll miss the most is the big smiling faces of everyone who walks through the front gate.