Vai gearing up for fight with Jose Canseco

Vai Sikahema
Vai Sikahema

By Jason Tang - bio | email

EAST PHILADELPHIA, PA (KHNL) - They're both former professional athletes.

One was an NFL Pro Bowler, the other, a big league baseball player.

But, this Saturday, Jose Canseco and Vai Sikahema will clash in the boxing ring.

And while the Las Vegas oddsmakers have Canseco as a 3 - to - 1 favorite, at first glance, this boxing matchup doesn't look very good for Vai Sikahema. His opponent is 7 inches taller, and 50 pounds heavier. However, Vai's got a surprise waiting for Canseco.

"Vili's coming out, and he's going to work the crowd into a frenzy like only he knows how, nobody knows how to do that better than Vili," said Sikahema.

Vili and Vai are cousins, and Vai's flying Vili out to fire up the crowd, intimidate Canseco, and help get Vai's blood moving.

"It's bringing the Warrior spirit to him and how he prepares himself to go to battle, because I come up and beat the drum and do the haka and it'll really help prepare him to go out and take this guy's head off," said Vili.

And Vai is just as confident as Vili.

"We're going to tire him in the first round, and then his arms are going to get loopy, then we're going to get inside and start chopping him down," said Vai.

"Vai wants to bring it on, he wants to show that we're Polynesian and coming there to war and Jose better be ready for that because we're coming too."

As for a prediction. Vili says it's gonna finish quickly.

"2nd round. Vai's gonna knock him out."

And with Vili in Vai's corner, the odds feel like they're changing.

Not only will Vili be performing before the fight, they'll also have fire knife dancers and a whole posse of Polynesian NFL players.

And, Vai says he's planning to have Hawaii 5-0 played when he enters the arena.