How many are 'going green'?

Calvin Uyehara
Calvin Uyehara

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -  'Going Green.'  It's a phrase we hear time and time again, but how many people are getting the message and changing the way they live?

These days it seems like everyone is recycling, but recycling is just one part of going green. "When I think about going green I think about saving energy, saving the earth. Looking at resources and alternatives for energy," said Honolulu resident, Calvin Uyehara.

A recent poll shows that while many folks favor going green, a large percentage of people don't, because they don't know how.

"Going green is reducing your impact on the environment," said Mark Fox with The Nature Conservancy.

From changing regular light bulbs to compact fluorescents, to paying bills on line and even shopping for locally produced food. These little steps can add up to a big difference.

"I try to take the bus, limit my showers, conserve where ever I can," added Uyehara.

Getting on the road without having to use a car also cuts down on your 'carbon footprint'. Another buzz phase being used to explain your individual impact on the earth. "Reducing your 'carbon footprint' is looking at ways to reduce the kinds of activities or things that you purchase, that cause the burning of fossil fuels," said Fox.

Carpooling is a very visible way to reduce those fossil fuels but so is shopping with re-useable bags. Although, its not as obvious, it saves the earth one plastic bag at a time.

And saving the earth is the reason so many are giving the green light to going green.

"When you think about it we're trapped on this earth, they haven't figured out how to get anywhere else we have to start think about it and take care of this earth," said Genevieve Cedervall.

If you would like to see how much of a carbon footprint you are making. Head to the Nature Conservancy's website for their carbon counter at