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Drivers shift to new Zipperlane rules

Lauren Mitsutome Lauren Mitsutome
Erika Lopez Erika Lopez
Kalei Shannon Kalei Shannon
Mark Denis Mark Denis

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Drivers are shifting to new Zipperlane rules that require three riders now instead of two.

Traffic is terrible.

Trying to get somewhere fast during the morning rush? Forget it.

"It's insane how many people are on the freeway."

Diamonds used to be a drivers best friend, but will new Zipperlane changes now requiring three passengers in a car instead of two be effective? That's up for debate.

"There's a lot of cars a lot of drivers but I think it would help," said Moiliili driver Lauren Mitsutome.

"I'm from California and we have carpool lanes and it's always three so it makes it easier, you pile three people in the car that go to the same job," said Kahala driver Erika Lopez.

The Zipperlane started contra-flowing traffic eastbound on the H-1 and Nimitz Highway from Waikele to Iwilei with three passengers more than ten years ago.

Three years ago, it changed to two and now it's back to three.

Kalei Shannon says so far she's not impressed.

"I think they should leave well enough alone at this point, I don't see any difference," said Shannon.

"Everyone has to tool up so to speak and call an extra or find an extra friend," said Honolulu driver Mark Denis. "I think it'll be more trouble than it's worth."

There's no telling how much drivers will now use the Zipperlane. But it's a change that the State Transportation Department hopes reflects traffic relief.

State Transportation officials say the change went smoothly and that it may take some time for people to adjust to carpooling more.

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