Viewers capture Madame Pele at work

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

KILAUEA, Big Island (KHNL) - When it comes to the show at Kilauea, we've been getting overwhelming response from our viewers.

So far, we have had more than 48,000 hits on our Web site from people wanting to see more images of the lava.

So by popular demand, here they are!

By air, the white plumes may look as if arising from another planet.

But this breath-taking almost alien sight is happening right here in Hawaii and captured on film by our many viewers.

This image of an explosion frozen in time by viewer -- B. Douglas -- on the early morning of our nation's birthday.

It's very fitting he says to see Kilauea putting on a spectacular fireworks show of its own on the Fourth of July.

Douglas also saying "at one time, the smoke was billowing out so fast."

It resembled a rocket engine taking off. He said he was really worried that there was going to be a large explosion.

Which is when -- at that moment, magma shot up into the air once again.

Douglas says the trade winds were blowing off shore and the visibility was as good as you can get.

And the show only gets better at night.

As you can see in pictures from Bob Jasper of Kauai, the glowing fingers of lava seem inviting.

A mesmerizing sight -- as lava drips off the cliffs into the ocean creating wisps of white steam showing off the magic and beauty of Madame Pele.

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