New road rules for Oahu drivers

Brennon Morioka
Brennon Morioka

HONOLULU (KHNL) -  It's "you plus two", if you're taking the Zipperlane to work.

Oahu drivers must now have three people in your car to use the Zipperlane in the morning.

Signs are posted to remind drivers on the way to work.

Motorcycles are still allowed to use the Zipperlane.

Transportation officials say the move is to encourage more people to carpool.

"As we give this change some time, we hope that the number of vehicles on our road will decrease, by other people jumping into someone else's car, and the other lanes will improve in the morning commute as well," said Brennon Morioka, State Transportation director.

Drivers only needed one passenger to use the Zipperlane since 2005 but transportation officials say the Zipperlane is often slower than normal freeway traffic.